Contraband is normally a five-piece band with an occasional guest caller and/or additional musicians as and when required.
The band is based in Kent. Located close to the channel ports, and is ideal for bookings in Europe, having already played Germany, France and Luxembourg.

A popular Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) or Barn Dance can  include; Shannon Bells, The Bridge of Athlone, Drops of Brandy, Flying Scotsman, Gay Gordon’s, Strip the Willow,
Haste to the Wedding and The Dashing White Sergeant and many more.

Take your partner by the hand and spin across the floor to the instantly memorable tunes.
Music is provided by a traditional Ceilidh band with instruments which can include accordion, fiddle, bass guitar, 6 string acoustic/electric guitars, drums, keyboards, lighting and of course, a very experienced caller.

Although Contraband is an English Ceilidh band, the type of music is not restricted to traditional English folk tunes, we play Irish, American and Scottish tunes as well.

The band 
will always provide a Caller, who will talk everybody through the steps first, allowing any beginners to join in the fun.

Our music can be adapted for either the experienced dancer
or a newcomer to a Ceilidh evening.