Contraband & Scotch Mist

ContrbandContraband & Scotch Mist are one of Southern England’s top ceilidh barn dance bands who have played throughout the UK and Europe since 1978. We enjoy playing for barn dances, weddings, ceilidhs, etc in Scottish, English, Irish and American styles.

Please contact us to find out whether we cover your area. We enjoy playing for barn dances, weddings, ceilidhs or any occasion when more traditional music is required. The usual line-up consists of accordion, violin, keyboard, bass guitar and drums (carefully chosen to provide a “full” sound) which combined with our lively tunes sets everyone’s feet tapping. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers say.

Contraband’s repertoire includes traditional folk music, our own compositions, Irish, traditional American and Scottish tunes with many new tunes and arrangements being introduced.